KPMG Bank strategies and business models - capital myths and realities


In its study, KPMG has come to the conclusion that the banking sector is still facing many challenges in spite of the far-reaching reforms in the wake of the financial crisis. Banks first and foremost will have to concentrate on developing their own strategy and redefining their business plans.

Over the last nine years, the banking sector has been going through a large-scale transformation. New international regulation has been imposed. According to KPMG, many of the issues which had been put on the agenda, however are still just projects and the reforms are far from being fully carried out. Additional efforts are needed more particularly as for the banks’ lending capacity and the conditions for a level playing field. In defining their strategy, banks will have to take into account the new situation as for supervision and regulation, as well as the numerous commercial challenges which will make it necessary for them to adapt their business plans.

More information can be found in the full text of the KPMG study here.


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