• The Deloitte study “EMEA Digital Banking Maturity 2018” compares six Belgian banks with 238 banks and 10 financial technology start-ups (FinTechs) in 38 countries to determine how Belgian banks stack up in terms of their digital services.

  • There is not a day that passes without us feeling the impact of technological development and changing consumer behaviour on our economy. Striking taxi drivers, restructuring exercises at big retailers but also in other companies … And when it comes to the financial sector, the decreasing number of local bank offices.

  • On November 22nd, the European Commission presented its autumn package of economic and social priorities for the EU, the euro area and the EU Member States, in the context of the European Semester. A few days later, the European Commission set out the rules governing electronic payment transactions that aim to modernise payment services in Europe. On November 30th, the European Parliament reached an agreement on creditor hierarchy, IFRS 9 and large risk exposures, in light of measures aiming to reduce risk in the financial sector.

  • Last week, the European Parliament published an article explaining the next steps following the implementation of Article 50 of the Treaty of the EU. A couple of days later, AFME presented a report on the challenges of Brexit for wholesale banking. In addition to these Brexit related topics, the European Commission decided to prohibit the proposed merger between Deutsche Börse and the London Stock Exchange Group. On April 4, the ECB announced the circulation of a new and safe €50 banknote. One day later, the EBA published its updated Risk Dashboard summarising the main challenges for the EU banking sector.

  • The use of Smart Contracts or electronic contracts will make it possible for the financial sector to save billions, according to Capgemini Consulting on the basis of its study about the developments in the field of blockchain and automated contracts.

  • Online banking or rather the newest mobile apps? ING asked 15,000 people in 15 countries about their opinion. The conclusion from this international survey is that mobile banking clearly is on the rise. Customers are increasingly using mobile apps for banking, shopping and paying.


  • We have the pleasure of inviting you to the info session on Friday April 29, 2016 as a follow up to the info session on instant payments of September 2015. The purpose of this session is to inform you of the most recent developments in the field of instant payments.
  • Our annual networking event took place at BEL Brussels on March 2, 2016. Rik Vandenberghe, Chairman of Febelfin, set the tone for the evening right away by quoting Bob Dylan’s famous words ‘The times they are a changing’.

  • Last week, the Group of 20 Leaders’ came together at the Antalya Summit 2015. On November 16th 2015, the European Council adopted updated rules for electronic payment services. On the same day, the Council also agreed on new transparency rules on securities financing transactions.